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The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.




As a parent, you have questions and concerns. You want to be sure that the college your child chooses is the right one, one where he or she will be happy and fulfill God’s plan for him or her. This page will answer many of your questions and direct you to specific web pages where you can learn more.

Southern Wesleyan University offers a Christ-centered education that blends a wide array of academic programs with a dynamic spiritual environment. This is a place where students grow as believers, as adults, and as professionals.

In the classroom, professors at Southern Wesleyan are active and recognized scholars, but teaching is their priority. They will know your child, and they’ll take the time to mentor and nurture your child’s talents and gifts. Outside of the classroom, your child will be part of a dynamic community that draws students from all over the country.

Why Choose SWU?






Parent FAQs

What does my child need to do to apply

Applying to SWU is easy. Incoming students simply need to:

  • Complete the free online application.
  • Have an official high school or college transcript sent to us. If your child is transferring from another college, we will need official transcripts from all colleges previously attended. Review our admissions requirements here.
  • Request that their SAT, ACT, or CLT test score be sent to us. (If your child has already taken the test, simply request additional scores on the ACT website or the SAT website.). SWU is test-optional for admission but test scores can impact financial aid amounts.

After acceptance, incoming students must:

How do I schedule a campus visit?

To be sure that Southern Wesleyan is the right school for your child, you need to spend some time on campus. Talking to the students and staff will give you a sense of the institution and help you make a more informed decision. Click here when you’re ready to see Southern Wesleyan for yourself.

What kind of personal and spiritual growth will my child experience at Southern Wesleyan?

We believe that developing the whole student requires integrating faith, learning, and living. Our student life programs foster this wholeness in accordance with our core values of spiritual development, relationship development, servant leadership development, career development, and personal development.

What majors and programs does Southern Wesleyan offer?

College is a time to explore interests, and with nearly 40 academic programs, Southern Wesleyan is just the place for that. We also offer an Honors Program  and study-abroad programs.

How much does Southern Wesleyan cost?

See a detailed list of costs.

We understand that sending a child to college is a major financial concern for families, and we’re committed to making sure Southern Wesleyan remains affordable by offering financial aid through a variety of scholarships, loans, and grants through institutional, federal, and state assistance. Utilize our net price calculator to estimate the cost of attending SWU.

How will SWU help my child find a job after graduation?

Making the move from college to the professional world can be daunting, but Career Services is available to offer students individualized support as they discover their calling. Our counselors will help your child with everything from researching majors and assessing his or her strengths to finding internships and preparing for interviews.

What happens if my child gets sick or needs medical attention?

Living on campus means living in close contact with lots of people, which means sooner or later, your child will get sick. Our Health Center is staffed with a full-time nurse and local physicians who are able to offer acute care, first aid, and diagnostic testing. After-hours care is available from nearby hospitals and care facilities, which include Baptist Easley Hospital, Oconee Memorial Hospital, and Cannon Memorial Hospital.

We also provide free professional counseling for students who need support and guidance.

How safe is Southern Wesleyan?

Very. You’ll find our campus safety report here. In addition to SWU’s Security Department, our Student Life staff is trained to handle on-campus safety issues that might arise. Beyond campus, the town of Central is a safe and quiet small town.

Text Alert System

The SWUALERT notification system is available to students, faculty and staff on the main SWU campus in Central.  The SWUALERT notification system is only used to alert the campus community of situations which may require specific action.  For example, the system has been used to alert the campus to impending weather conditions such as a tornado watch or icy conditions but could also be used to alert the campus of other significant critical information.  The SWUALERT notification system is not used to announce events or programs. 

For more information on the SWUALERT notification system and how to opt-in, contact the Office of Student Life at 864-644-5140.

Parent Portal on MySWU

The Parent Portal in MySWU gives parents online visibility into your student's information so you can feel comfortable and secure with your child’s higher education experience. It allows students to control and share with parents (or other parties) the information they want online, which is a requirement of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Parents and institutions both have a vested interest in seeing their students attain academic success. Our Parent Portal fosters communication among parents, students, and the institution to give students the support they need while transitioning into a higher education learning environment.

During the enrollment process or soon after enrollment, students are provided with the opportunity to complete an electronic FERPA permissions submission form.  This form allows the student to grant parents/guardians view permission to student data and/or financial data while enrolled at SWU. Upon successful completion of this form, a unique username and password is created and the parent or guardian is notified electronically when the accounts are created. Once logged in, the parent/guardian will be directed to the parent portal page where they will find valuable information regarding end of semester grades, resident information, financial aid information and student account payment options.