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1906 Club

The 1906 Club makes it easy for all alumni to invest in the success of SWU students and the overall university, especially first-time donors and young alumni. We understand that times can be tight and many young alumni are beginning new careers, starting families, juggling new responsibilities, and trying to pay off debt. By making a gift of $19.06 or higher all alumni can take their place among a long line of people who have sacrificed since 1906 to make and keep the dream of Southern Wesleyan a reality.

Not only does every club gift go to assist SWU students through the general scholarship program, each alumni gift enhances SWU’s reputation for alumni engagement and makes SWU more attractive to future students, donors and university rating agencies.

Join the 1906 Club today and pay it forward to a future graduate with a gift of $19.06! 

One time/Annually    $19.06

Monthly                       $228.72 (impact 12 students)

Weekly                        $991.12 (impact 52 students)

Every gift matters and helps change student lives by investing in their SWU Experience.

First Time Alumni and
Friends Donors Give Now