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Four Ways to Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Three Years

It’s true—college may be one of the biggest expenses you will encounter; however, it can also be one of the best investments you will make during your lifetime. At Southern Wesleyan University, we realize some students desire a pathway that grants them the ability to graduate in 3 to 3.5 years, which often will lead to lower tuition costs and reduced room and board costs for resident students.

Students may be able to complete some bachelor's degree programs here at SWU in as little as 3 years, depending upon earning additional credits to meet degree requirements in a combination of any or all of the following methods.

Advanced Placement and Credit Examination Tests

You can earn credits through successful scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams or other credit by examination, such as College Learning Examination Programs (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST).

AP Transfer Equivalencies

CLEP Examination Information

DSST Exam Equivalencies

Dual Enrollment Credits

You have the opportunity to take college credit courses while you are completing high school, generally during your junior and senior year. Dual enrollment credit is generally accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities and from postsecondary higher education institutions that are recognized by the US Department of Education, provided such courses meet the degree requirements at Southern Wesleyan University. Grades lower than C- will not be accepted in as credit.

Dual Enrollment at SWU

Summer Online Courses

Enroll in online courses during the summer. Southern Wesleyan University offers summer courses through an online seven week format which can provide you the flexibility to earn credits during the summer without having to be on campus.

Summer Online Courses

Maximize Full-time Registration

Southern Wesleyan University full-time students are able to take 12–18 credit hours in a semester and take advantage of a block tuition rate. Tuition is the same block rate for a student taking 12 hours as it is for a student taking 18 hours. If a student’s schedule and capacity allows, it would benefit the student to maximize the number of hours completed each semester. Students may even request to exceed 18 hours in a semester with the permission of the faculty advisor and the appropriate academic dean. Credit hours beyond 18 will be billed at the overload tuition rate and will be added to the block tuition rate.

As the University adds significantly more online courses each year, our on-campus enrolled students also have the ability to take eligible fully online courses within the 18 hour block threshold during each semester. This provides students with another viable option when it comes to maximizing their full-time registration status while decreasing the costs and increasing the speed to graduation.

Tuition and Fee Schedule