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BS in Mathematics



Use your understanding of numbers to inform and make a difference in your world with a Math degree

You have been blessed with a knack for numbers, and know that you want to use this skill in your career. A math degree from SWU involves more than just understanding numbers and formulae; it equips you to apply your skills and faith to a wide variety of careers. We know that God created the world and the order in it, and that He has given you the desire and the ability to discover and understand it. We are responsible to use analytic and logical skills learned in mathematics study to investigate, analyze, and make decisions that are beneficial to creation. Getting your math degree is just the first step!

Mathematical Expertise + Faith Integration = WorldChanger

As a Math major, you will learn to integrate faith with learning in mathematics, and be able to apply mathematical concepts and processes to real-life situations. Develop competency in calculus, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, college geometry, abstract algebra, computer programming and applications, statistics, history and philosophy of mathematics and other courses. You will learn to employ tools utilized in mathematics including graphics calculators, computer software programs, presentation software, etc. You will also learn various ways of verifying propositions in mathematics including graphical techniques, algebraic techniques, deductive and inductive arguments, Venn diagrams, etc.

Is the Math major right for you?

You might consider a Math major if you have a desire to advance to careers that tend to be technical and analytical, such as engineering, actuarial or data science. You might also desire to teach mathematics, work with numerical ideas, analyze systems, collect and analyze statistics, or create and apply prediction models. The possibilities are endless with a math degree!


Rachel Hester - Mathematics Major


Graduate Schools

Our graduates from this program have been accepted into graduate schools including:

  • The University of Georgia
  • Appalachian State University
  • The University of South Carolina
  • Clemson University
  • The University of Virginia

Jobs for Math Majors

Here are some of the most common jobs that math majors pursue after completing an undergraduate degree:

  • Actuary
  • Software Engineer
  • Mathematician
  • Data Analyst
  • Risk Analyst

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